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President Eyring Shares the Powerful Miracle He Experienced While Partaking of the Sacrament in a Metal Shed


Nearly every week, most members partake of the sacrament and renew their baptismal covenants. And though this sacrament ordinance is performed regularly within the Church, it is nonetheless sacred. 

As a miraculous experience President Henry B. Eyring shared on Facebook illustrates, the promises in the sacramental prayer can be a powerful light in our lives that will guide us no matter how dark our situation may seem. 

One memory that the Spirit often brings to my mind is of an evening sacrament meeting held in a metal shed in Innsbruck, Austria, many years ago. It was under a railroad track. There were only about a dozen people present, sitting on wooden chairs. Most of them were women, some younger and some older. I saw tears of gratitude as the sacrament was passed among that small congregation. I felt the love of the Savior for those Saints, and so did they.
But the miracle I remember most clearly was the light that seemed to fill that metal shed and with it a feeling of peace. It was nighttime, and there were no windows, and yet the room was lit as if by noonday sunshine. The light of the Holy Spirit was there that evening. And the windows that let in the light were the humble hearts of those Saints, who had come before the Lord seeking forgiveness of their sins and committing to always remember Him.
It was not hard to remember Him then, and my memory of that sacred experience has made it easier for me to remember Him and His Atonement in the years that followed. The promise in the sacramental prayer is that the Spirit will be with us and so bring feelings of light and peace.

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