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President Monson Shares Message That Mormons Who Think They Are Doing Just Fine Need to Hear


With the fast pace of daily living—with callings and family and work and school—sometimes it takes a drastic change for us to remember how much we need our Heavenly Father in every moment. But we shouldn't wait for difficult moments or grand occasions to remember our Savior and our God and Their sacrifices for us.

Last year, President Thomas S. Monson shared this beautiful reminder on Facebook, one that comes from his 2013 talk, "I Will Not Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee."

May we have a commitment to our Heavenly Father that does not ebb and flow with the years or the crises of our lives. We should not need to experience difficulties for us to remember Him, and we should not be driven to humility before giving Him our faith and trust.
May we ever strive to be close to our Heavenly Father. To do so, we must pray to Him and listen to Him every day. We truly need Him every hour, whether they be hours of sunshine or of rain. May His promise ever be our watchword: “I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”
With all the strength of my soul, I testify that God lives and loves us, that His Only Begotten Son lived and died for us, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is that penetrating light which shines through the darkness of our lives.

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