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President Nelson explains why he used a chair while speaking in conference

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As he addressed the audience as the final speaker of the Saturday morning session of general conference, President Russell M. Nelson leaned against a chair at the pulpit.

After the session, the 98-year-old—the oldest man ever to serve as President of the Church—posted on social media about his use of the chair.

“Some noticed that I sat on a chair to deliver my message this morning. What a help that was! The other day it occurred to me that I have been alive during nearly half of the number of years since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized in 1830. That is a lot of years—even though I don’t feel old. My wife Wendy insists that she still can’t get me to act my age. But I will admit that sometimes even small adjustments—such as a chair—help those of us who ‘age on stage.’”

Read the full post below.

President Nelson is not the only Church leader to speak in general conference using a chair. For example, President Boyd K. Packer and Elder Robert D. Hales were known to sit in chairs or wheelchairs during conference addresses.

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