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President Uchtdorf: "The Impossible Is Being Made Possible Through Our Heavenly Father"


In a video President Dieter F. Uchtdorf recently posted to Facebook, he shared the story of how the Lord made the impossible possible with the dedication of the first temple behind the Iron Curtain. He shares:

This weekend I was blessed to participate in the rededication of the Freiberg Germany Temple. The construction of the Freiberg Temple is one of the great miracles in the history of the Church in Europe. It is a wonderful example of how God can make the impossible possible in any part of the world.
When this temple was first announced in 1982, it was the first temple built behind the Iron Curtain—a temple in a communist land that almost everyone (including me) had said would never be possible in our lifetime.
After many years of operation, this temple has now been renovated and rededicated as a house of the Lord. It stands as a testimony that God knows what we do not. What may seem impossible for us is possible for Him.

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