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Revolutionary Water Storage System Eliminates Blue Barrels


We all have those blue barrels. Or at least, we feel like we should have them! Until now, the blue barrels have filled our garages and storage rooms, seemingly the only viable option for water storage.

We all know the drill—buy the barrels, find a cool place to keep them, put them up on a wooden palate, determine the amount of chlorine or bleach needed, fill the barrels, and try to remember when the water needs to be rotated. After all that headache, one important question remains. How do you actually use that water when the time comes? And is it even safe?

Water storage isn’t just about drinking water—how are you going to bathe, cook, clean, and wash your clothes? Is that even possible with those blue barrels?

 Joel Johnson--a Scottsdale, AZ custom homebuilder of over 20 years--has developed a revolutionary water storage system that eliminates the need for those inconvenient and inefficient plastic barrels. WaterGuard by Spero Systems is an innovative and hassle free approach to water storage that protects your family with the simple flip of a switch. This groundbreaking water storage system works with your home’s existing plumbing to store, rotate, and dispense hundreds of gallons of running water, completely modernizing water storage.

If the water supply to your home is ever cut off, WaterGuard will provide your family with weeks of running water for cooking, bathing, flushing, and drinking, allowing your family to maintain their standard of living. Forget the giant plastic barrels. This system will revolutionize how you experience water storage, and provide practical, usable water storage for your entire family. WaterGuard offers peace of mind, and running water when your family needs it most!

See for yourself at or call 1-844-MYSPERO.

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