Road Kill Coordinator + 15 Other Unique Church Callings Latter-Day Saints Have Had


We asked our readers on Facebook, "What is the most unique calling you've ever had?" From coat-tail puller to road kill coordinator, here's a roundup of a few of our favorite responses:

CoatTail Puller

"This was not really a calling. But back in the 50s in a branch in Virginia, I was asked to be the COATTAIL PULLER! I was four. We had several long-winded speakers. I got to sit on the stand and if they went over the allotted time, I was nudged to go up and pull their coat tail. I really doubt anyone can top that for uniqueness." —Teresa Parr

Corn Boilers

"Corn boilers for the ward picnic. Called into the bishop's office and everything." —Tanya Anderson Sorensen 

Greeter—in Starfleet Attire

"When we lived in California, there was a convert in our ward who didn't own a suit but did own a custom-made Star Trek uniform. He was called as a greeter, standing at the door each Sunday welcoming ward members in his Starfleet captain's uniform." —Shirley Hamblin

Table Dresser

"In college, I was the table dresser. I had to make sure the tablecloth and fake flowers were on the table. I didn’t put the tablecloth or flowers on the table, just make sure it was done." —Mary Joy Braithwait Baker

Road Kill Coordinator

"I was the road kill coordinator. Our ward in Kenai Alaska was on list to be called whenever a moose was hit on the road. We would go harvest the remains and distribute the meat to needy people in the ward. I would regularly get calls at 2-3 in the morning to do this. Despite the inconvenience at times, it was a very fulfilling assignment to literarily put food in people's homes." —Tim Green

Youth Dance Chaperone—with Night Vision Goggles

"I chaperoned stake youth dances and was provided with night vision goggles to detect young people doing things that they should not out in the dark." —Clay L Hamann

Pianist—with No Experience

"Called to be a pianist in RS and had no idea how to play the piano. Good thing that it was a player piano." —Irene Trujillo Francis

Babysitting Coordinator

"Babysitting coordinator for a college married ward. We would coordinate 2-hour babysitting slots so sisters could go to the store, take a nap, whatever. We also tried to work out one 3-hour slot a month so they could attend the temple. It was also intended to build unity between those sisters who already had children and those that didn't." —Amy Willis Johnson

Wake Up Caller 

"I had to wake up the girls in my ward for church at 9 a.m. at BYU-I. I wasn't popular that semester." —Shelby Park

Hymn Book Getter

"Hymn book getter. It was a college ward and we had to bring in all the things we needed for our meeting. My roommate was the organ getter." —Tami Stanger Stoeckle

Laman and Lemuel Dialogue Writer

"Writing for a local Book of Mormon Pageant in New Mexico. I had to plot out plans and dialogue for the evil Laman and Lemuel to rid themselves of Nephi. It was weird." —Margo Heaps

Political Activity Specialist

"Political activity specialist (or something like that): finding out what political parties were available to vote for, if/when they had meetings, where voting was held, how to vote for your precinct (if you were in one), etc. and then holding a meeting to share info and being available to answer questions. Yes, I was called and sustained over the pulpit amidst much laughter." —Jamian Allen


"A dancer in the youth stake conference play-thingy. I laughed and the counselor in the bishopric said it was a very serious and important calling. I am not a dancer . . . I had just recently moved into the ward so I was a bit nervous especially after I laughed at him!" —Erin Smith Nicol

Missionary Letter Coordinator

"I had the great pleasure of making sure our four missionaries received a letter every month. In Relief Society I would pass around a basket with 4x4 pieces of paper, pencils, and an envelope addressed to a different missionary each week. the Sisters would write a little something on the paper and put it in the envelope and I would mail it off on Monday. It was so much fun to get their replies that were sent to the Bishop and he would read them at sacrament meeting. I would also make sure they received birthday cards and any other holiday cards. Loved doing that." —Anna Jorgensen

Taco Committee Member

"My last ward had a taco committee to host taco Tuesdays. #SinglesWards" —Adam Fidler

Moving Coordinator

"I've been the moving coordinator in five different wards. I guess because I've moved 30+ times in 40 years, I was the man. I made up a list of rules, and my bishops have all adopted them" —Abe Wovers Jr. 

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