Sandra Turley

November 12, 2016 04:10 PM MST
What an incredible testimony from this young mother. We are praying for her and her daughters.
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September 01, 2016 09:33 AM MDT
I was driving down a country road with my four children in the car. It was a beautiful, calm day. As we drove, I started to feel nauseated. A few minutes later, I had no choice but to pull over on the side of the road and crank up the air conditioner, as the car seemed so unbearably hot. I crawled into the backseat of the car to lie down on the floor between the children. My entire body began to go numb. My six-year-old announced over and over that he needed to use the bathroom. My five-year-old passed out Tic-Tacs. My baby was crying. My eight-year-old found my cell phone and began to call for help.
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