Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Nothing Bundt Cakes


They love the cake so much, they wish there wasn’t a hole in it!

Co-owners, and mother-daughter duo, Tamara Morrison and Jenna Clark have shared the love of Nothing Bundt Cakes for years. But one day, Tamara’s love for the cake grew to the point where she knew eating the cake wasn’t enough—she wanted to have her own bakery.

At the time, Jenna was working for KUTV in Salt Lake City and was looking for a change. Being a cake enthusiast herself, Jenna was on board with her Mom’s vision from the day it was mentioned.

One year later, they are the happy owners of Nothing Bundt Cakes, located in the Costco shopping center in Lehi.

Nothing Bundt Cakes provides solutions for every celebration imaginable. From the bite-sized, ‘bundtini’ to the personal-sized ‘bundtlet,' and larger cakes, the cakes satisfy everything from a mid-week sweet tooth, to a large catered event. The signature cream cheese frosting adorns each cake with the signature petal design and the hand-crafted decorations personalize cakes for any occasion. Chocolate Chocolate Chip, the most popular flavor, will leave you wanting more; Red Velvet has surprise chocolate chips scattered throughout and the White Chocolate Raspberry just melts in your mouth.

With nine standard flavors and a monthly feature flavor, there is no doubt you will quickly find a favorite.

Nothing Bundt Cakes delivers to the MTC in Provo (delivery is FREE on Monday), and caters weddings and corporate events. The Lehi bakery strives to provide the highest quality cakes with superior service, in a warm and welcoming environment. Visit the bakery for a free sample!

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