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Second Missionary Case of COVID-19, Church Explains Process of Reporting Coronavirus Cases Moving Forward


On Monday, March 30, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported the second known missionary case of COVID-19. The following statement was sent to the media from Daniel Woodruff, Church spokesman:

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses throughout the world, we recognize that additional missionaries will unfortunately contract the virus. A second case has been confirmed for a sister missionary in Australia who has been in self-isolation at home. We are concerned about any missionary who contracts the virus and will work to help them receive appropriate care. Gratefully, young missionaries are not generally considered to be at high risk of complications from the illness. The possible time between exposure to the virus and showing symptoms makes it difficult to determine the exact source of exposure. This same difficulty is faced by people and public health professionals everywhere. However, in each case, we will follow established guidelines from public health agencies to notify anyone with whom the missionary might have come in contact and continue to encourage missionaries and those they live with to undergo strict self-isolation. As we move forward, the Church will not provide public details about each individual case of COVID-19, but instead will rely on public health agencies and individuals to make the required notifications. We continue to pray for all people affected by this pandemic, and we plead with the Lord to provide relief and peace at this uncertain time.

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