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Senior service missionaries can now be assigned to temples in the United States and Canada


A January 29, 2021 notice from the Temple Department to local leaders in the United States and Canada shared a new opportunity for senior service missionaries—serving in their assigned temple where they live.

Church News detailed the contents of the notice as well as its implications. Notably, most long-term volunteer positions in the temple will become service missionary opportunities, such as positions in administration (office), youth center, cafeteria, clothing or laundry, custodial, facilities maintenance, grounds, and security. Positions in the baptistry and ordinance-support areas will continue to be callings made by the temple president through the standard process.

Richard Sutton, the Temple Department’s director of field operations told Church News, “The ability for young service missionaries to have temple assignments as part of their missionary call was introduced previously, and this now provides senior service missionaries to have a similar opportunity. This change was prompted by the Temple Department and Service Mission Office counseling together to provide more and enhanced opportunities for service in the temple by members of the Church.”

Find more details about the opportunity at Church News

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Lead image: Elder and Sister Nance served as senior missionaries in Ukraine. Image from Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
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