Setting goals that animate the soul: First youth ‘Real Questions’ video examines how to get goals back on track after COVID-19


When the new Children and Youth initiative debuted in 2019, Grant had a vision for what he wanted to accomplish—a ballet move called a press lift where his older sister would jump and he would lift her over his head.

The plan to reach that goal hit a roadblock , however,  when the pandemic hit. Grant’s ballet classes went all online and he wasn’t able to receive the same instruction and feedback.

In the first video of the special youth edition of “Real Questions,” Grant asks what he can do to get back on-track with his goals after COVID-19. Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Men General President Steven J. Lund, and Grant have a conversation about involving the Lord when we set goals. 

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“Thrown Off Track by COVID-19” - Real Questions: Youth Edition

President Cordon points out that when we are able to be flexible with our goals, the Lord is able to work with us.

 “Even though we’re so passionate, there are times when we have to make an adjustment,” President Cordon says. “It’s the small and simple things that we do, just in being flexible, that the Lord can have great things come to pass.”

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President Cordon also testifies that our goals matter to the Lord, because we matter to the Lord.

“He will use every single talent—every single goal that we work on and increase—to help build the kingdom,” she says.

President Lund shares how in the pre-existence, the Savior set a goal to come down to earth and do the work of Atonement and save our family. We, likewise, set a goal to come to earth and do the things we needed to do to accomplish the purposes of this life.

“One of the ways to set goals that matter and that will stick with you is if you can align the goals you’re making now with the goal that you set there,” President Lund says. “And goals that matter to us, we’ll find time for. . . . Go do something that really animates your soul.”

President Cordon shares that Grant’s goal with ballet can help build the kingdom.

“You’re going to meet lots of people and a lot of great people will come into your world because of your talent,” President Cordon says. “You’ll be able to point them to Christ and tell them more about our Savior.”

Watch the full video on YouTube or find other videos from the special youth edition of “Real Questions.”

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