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Sister Becky Craven’s advice on what will fortify us in today’s culture of comparison

Sister Becky Craven, Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, delivered Tuesday’s devotional address. She spoke on how we can improve the dignity and demeanor of our discipleship.

“Knowing our identity fortifies us against our culture of comparing, complaining and criticizing,” explained Sister Craven. With this understanding, “we will be blessed with an abundance of the Spirit, personal revelation and an increased love of God and our neighbors.”

What’s the first step to adopting the dignity and demeanor of discipleship? Sister Craven said that our actions must stem from a deep knowledge of our divine and royal heritage.

“Dignity and demeanor in our discipleship begins with understanding who we are.”

Watch the full devotional below or read the full summary of her remarks on BYU News.

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