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Sister Eubank Shares How Men and Women "Draw Priesthood Power into Their Lives"


"In the Church, we rightly talk a lot about the priesthood, or God’s power on the earth. From conversations I’ve had with women and men over the years, there are some things we get wrong when it comes to understanding God’s power and who has access to it," Sister Sharon Eubank, first counselor in the general Relief Society presidency, recently shared on Facebook. "All men and women who make covenants and keep them have the ability to draw priesthood power into their lives. The real question isn’t 'Do you have the priesthood?' but 'What are you doing with the priesthood power you have?' The essential nature of priesthood power is to bless and improve the lives of others."

At BYU Women's Conference in May 2019, the Relief Society general presidency spoke on how women are endowed with priesthood power and how they can magnify the power they have been given.

“When we are endowed with priesthood power it is an infinite source that constantly remains and can never be exhausted,” Sister Jean B. Bingham explained during BYU Women's Conference.

Sister Reyna I. Aburto added, “Every woman receives priesthood power as she participates in priesthood ordinances and keeps the related covenants. . . . We learn in the doctrine and covenants that access to priesthood power also requires ‘personal righteousness, gentleness, meekness, and love unfeigned.’ Each woman has access to priesthood power according to her covenants and personal righteousness. No one can take it from her.”

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In a recent article titled "Where We Find the Power of God" on, Sister Eubank shared where Godly power can be found and how it is magnified in our lives:

"It’s important to acknowledge that there is already power in every kind, moral man and woman. When a person resists the negative influences in their surroundings and keeps the two great commandments to love God and love their neighbor—whether or not this person has made formal covenants with God to do so—there is already godly power at work in that individual’s life. "But let’s say a good woman or man encounters the restored gospel. She makes a covenant at baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ that promises her she can receive priesthood power: God’s power. Is her life and power vastly different from before? Yes! I believe her good power is greatly magnified by her covenants in three concrete ways."

Sister Eubank goes on to detail how our covenants provide 1) magnification of knowledge, 2) magnification of community, and 3) magnification to act in God's name. (Read the full article here.)

About this powerful article, Sister Bingham recently shared on Facebook, "As we make and keep covenants, we are empowered to act in God’s name, and our power to do good is amplified. I’m grateful for the knowledge, strength, and power God gives us through our covenants."

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