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Sister Missionaries Save Dozens from Carbon Monoxide


Two sister missionaries in Southfield, Michigan, Sister Adams and Sister Rambert, were woken early Sunday morning when their carbon monoxide alarm went off. Deadly gas began filling their apartment, coming from a faulty water heater, according to Fox 2 News.

As they called 911 and started to leave the building, the sisters quickly realized they were the only ones with a carbon monoxide detector in the Cambridge Square apartments.

So these missionaries did what they do best: they went door to door. But instead of sharing the gospel, they were saving lives.

"I'm grateful that we were protected and everyone was safe," Sister Rambert told Fox 2 News.

Firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after, rescuing 20 people who were starting to suffer from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. The carbon monoxide levels were dangerously high, at about 100 parts per million, but no one was killed by the deadly gas.

"A lot of people kept asking the firefighters, 'If they hadn't called, we would all be dead, right?'" Sister Adams told Fox 2 News. "So it's really a tender mercy from the Lord."

Lead image from Fox 2 News.
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