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Sister Oaks Shares the One Question Single Adults Should Be Asking to Live Life to the Fullest


“My original question had been, ‘Am I doing something wrong?’" Sister Oaks said about her experience as a single adult. "I learned that is the wrong question. I should be asking, ‘What more can I do that is right?’ You have that capacity.”

Nearly every chair in this Holladay, Utah, Church meetinghouse was filled. And several people who couldn’t squeeze into the chapel, overflow or cultural hall stood at the doors to hear Sister Kristen Oaks speak.

“Know that everything is good in your life,” she said as she opened her remarks on Jan. 13. “And if you're in this room at this moment, your life is totally in order and you're doing what the Savior would have you do. There is nothing out of whack. Nothing wrong. That is so important for you to know.”

Story by Valerie Johnson. Lead image by Valerie Johnson

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