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Sister Renlund Shares 3 Important Life Lessons She Learned as a Lawyer


As a keynote speaker at the Reuben Clark Law Society’s annual fireside on Friday, Sister Ruth Renlund shared inspiring stories from her own life. 

And among her remarks, she shared three crucial life lessons she learned from her father and from her career as a lawyer. 

“The Lord uses all we have learned and experienced to further His work,” added Sister Renlund.

She said the first life lesson her father taught her was to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. “It is possible to treat a person well, be kind even, and still disagree with him. In fact, it is our obligation as disciples of Jesus Christ,” she said.

The second life lesson she learned from her father was to stop digging when you’re in a hole. “My experience is that when I admit a mistake or wrongdoing, the person who is offended or wronged trusts me more,” shared Sister Renlund.

Lead image from Mormon Newsroom
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