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Conference sneak peek: New multicultural choir will include singers from 6 continents

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Multicultural choir member Thom Reed at a rehearsal in the conference center
Credit: screenshot

In a new public memory on, Thom Reed, FamilySearch’s Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer, shared his experience preparing to sing with a multicultural choir in conference this weekend.

As Reed explains, the choir began as a group of 340 Latter-day Saints who were scheduled in sing in the April 2020 general conference. Due to COVID-19 precautions, their performance was rescheduled and the group was reduced in size to just 180 members.

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The choir is made up of men and women who currently live all over the state of Utah, but Reed writes, “Members of the choir speak dozens of different native and second languages, are from homelands on every populated continent on the earth, and represent a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. When you watch this session, you will see a visual representation of the diversity of the body of Christ that you may not have seen before at general conference.”

We are looking forward to hearing from such a beautiful and diverse group of Latter-day Saints this weekend!

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