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Watch: Mesmerizing hand art video created to accompany Elder Gilbert’s conference parable

In October 2021 general conference, Elder Clark G. Gilbert of the Seventy presented a modern-day parable to help us better illustrate an important gospel lesson: the idea that our progress and potential in life are far more important than our starting points and struggles along the way. And a new video released by the Church takes Elder Gilbert’s “Parable of the Slope” to a whole new level with a captivating real-time illustration done in shadows and sand.

In the video, an artist moves the sand in satisfying sweeping motions to create shapes like maps, faces, trees, and the Savior. The art accompanies Elder Gilbert’s teachings, which draw on mathematical principles. “We all have different intercepts in life—we start in different places with different life endowments,” he says. “Some are born with high intercepts, full of opportunity. Others face beginning circumstances that are challenging and seem unfair. We then progress along a slope of personal progress.”

You can watch the mesmerizing new video from the Church in the player below and read Elder Gilbert’s entire conference talk here.

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