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Studying conference talks is more fun with friends! But how do we do it?

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If a general conference study club sounds fun to you too, but you’ve felt hesitant or unsure how to go about it, here are a few ideas to make it easier to get started!
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The energy among Church members coming off of conference weekend is so exciting! There are so many new ideas, inspirational messages, and a renewed motivation to prioritize Christ in our lives. One of the best parts is the fact that we all have different insights, impressions, and questions from the same talks. We each get what we need!

Personal study and application of conference messages is so important, but have you ever wanted to learn from others too? I have always thought about how fun and helpful it would be to get together and chat with others about general conference—but it can feel a little intimidating!

If a general conference study club sounds fun to you too, but you’ve felt hesitant or unsure how to go about it, here are a few ideas to make it easier to get started!

Just ask!

Fear of rejection is real, but we don’t know unless we ask! An invitation doesn’t have to be fancy or formal, just keep it simple!

“Hey, I loved this talk from general conference, do you want to come over and we can chat about it?”
“I would love to hear what the highlights were for you from general conference, would you want to talk about them with me?”
“Study is more fun with friends! Want to join me in a group general conference study group?”

It’s really that easy. Some might say no, but others might be sitting and waiting and hoping for something like this in their lives. Be the one to make the move!

Keep it simple

OK cool, people are coming over … Now what? Keep it simple! There’s no need for a full study guide, deep questions, or a full charcuterie spread (unless that feels fun!).

Remember the goal is to share and learn together, the only thing required to make that happen is conversation. Pick a talk, encourage everyone to come with their favorite stories, insights, or questions, and chat about it.

“My favorite quote was…”
“Something this talk made me think of is…”
“I had a question about…”

We are having fun already!

Take the leap!

Gathering people requires vulnerability, but it is worth stepping beyond the discomfort. We need more connection with each other, and often people are anxiously waiting for opportunities to come together in a real and meaningful way.

You have already done the hard part by extending the invitation—, now trust yourself enough to lead out in meaningful discussion. Don’t shy away from sharing your sincere thoughts, asking heartfelt questions, and encouraging others to do the same.

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We need each other more than ever before! If you have ever felt a pull to gather people for these meaningful conversations, now is the time to listen to it!

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