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1 Nephi 11–15: The Lamb

Fri Jan 19 15:36:20 EST 2024
Episode 4

Last week, we left off with 1 Nephi 10:17 when Nephi told us he was desirous that he might see, hear, and know of the things in his father’s vision. That’s a big ask—to see, hear, and know. So, what are you desirous to learn? As we go over 1 Nephi 11–15, we’ll explore what Nephi found out and how to apply these things in our lives.

Segment 2

1 Nephi 10:17 (See, hear, and know)
1 Nephi 11:1 (Desire, believe, and ponder)
1 Nephi 11:4-6 (Because we believe)

Segment 3

1 Nephi 11:8 (How the spirit speaks to Nephi)

Segment 4

1 Nephi 13:8 ex: repetition of “and the” = Biblical Hebrew uses the definite article “hey”
Genesis 15:19-21
1 Nephi 18:25

Segment 5

1 Nephi 10:10, 1 Nephi 11:21, 1 Nephi 13:24-41 (The Lamb of God)

Study Helps:
The flocks were protected from wild beasts at night by men who watched them with their shepherd dogs. Shepherds still, as of old, go before the sheep, and the sheep follow, being apparently more or less attached to their masters, whose voice they instantly recognize. (Sheep, Bible Dictionary)

Words of the General Authorities:
This is one of the titles—and responsibilities—that Christ received in the premortal councils of heaven. There the Father introduced the great plan of salvation at that included, for those who accepted it, the fall and redemption of his children—the entire human family—in their journey toward exaltation. Adam and Eve chose to provide the entry into mortality. Jehovah (Jesus), the Firstborn of the Father, was chosen to play the redemptive role with an infinite and eternal atoning sacrifice of His body and His blood. Thus, with all of this outlined and anticipated in heaven before any spirits had come to mortality, Jesus has been appropriately identified in holy writ as “the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Jeffrey R. Holland, Witness for His Names)

Segment 6

1 Nephi 15:4-8 (Laman and Lemuel deny the vision)
1 Nephi 15:21-36 (Interpretation of the vision of the Tree of Life)
1 Nephi 15:25 (How Nephi preaches)

Study Helps:
When God has monumental work for His prophet to do, He often gives that prophet a monumental vision. Moses, John, Lehi, and Joseph Smith all had visions like that—visions that expanded their minds and helped them see just how grand and awe-inspiring God’s work really is.

Nephi also had one of these life-changing visions. He saw the ministry of the Savior, the future of Lehi’s posterity in the promised land, and the latter-day destiny of God’s work. After this vision, Nephi was better prepared for the work that lay ahead. And reading about this vision can help prepare you too—for God also has work for you to do in His kingdom. You are among “the saints of the church of the Lamb” seen by Nephi, “who were scattered upon all the face of the earth; and they were armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory” (1 Nephi 14:14). (Come, Follow Me Home and Church: Book of Mormon 2024, January 22–28: “Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God”)

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