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Tabernacle Choir members sing together for the first time in 555 days

Credit: Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

The first song that members of the Tabernacle Choir sang at Tuesday night‘s rehearsal was “Come, Ye Children of the Lord”—an appropriate choice after 19 months apart.

“We have been anticipating this reunion for so long,” soprano Staci Dame told Church News. “I feel like I have come home.”

As reported by Deseret News, Choir member James Sutherland said, “I’m overjoyed.” Sutherland is also on the committee to help organize the choir’s safe return. “It’s been a long 18 months apart. I think every person in this organization is just so very much looking forward to being back together.”

The Tabernacle Choir‘s newly called president, Mike Leavitt, recently announced the implementation of a COVID-19 protection plan for the Choir, with the immediate goal of returning to live performances as safely and quickly as possible. To be present for this week's rehearsal, choir members were required to be vaccinated, screened, tested for COVID-19 on-site, sit apart from one another, and wear a face mask. Read more about the Choir's safety and prevention plan here.

Read more about the Choir's rehearsal as covered by Church News and the Deseret News.

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