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Teachers can now take roll directly in the Member Tools app

Using the Reports feature, teachers now can easily record class attendance right in the Member Tools app.
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A new feature in the Member Tools app makes it easier for adult class teachers and secretaries to take roll and record class attendance.

Member Tools, a mobile app from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is available in 47 languages. It is the one-stop app for tools that help you do your calling, serve in the temple, and connect with other Church members. It includes the ward and stake calendar and directory, meetinghouse locator, tools for temple and missionary service, and more.

One out of six Member Tools users are teachers, according to Justin Krebs, the Member Tools product manager. Beginning in January 2023, teachers could use the app to view a list of everyone in their class and where they live on a map and send them messages.

Now adult teachers in Sunday School, Primary, Young Women, Aaronic Priesthood Quorums, Relief Society, and Elders Quorum, along with their secretaries, can easily mark their class members’ attendance right in the app, eliminating the need to keep track of cumbersome paper attendance rolls.

The Sunday School General Presidency hopes the attendance feature continues to help teachers minister to each class member.

“This new capability to record attendance will be a great blessing to all of us as teachers,” said Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace. “This helps us be more attentive to the individuals in our class. As we are mindful of them, we can minister in a more personal way. Ministering and teaching go hand in hand as we bless and support each member in our class.”

To learn more about how to take attendance for your class, visit Church Newsroom.

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