Thanks to virtual MTC, the first person this missionary in the Philippines shared the gospel with was his mother


While a virtual MTC may not be the setting missionaries imagined when opening their calls, for some this temporary shift is producing miracles at home.

Elder Nichol Angelo Polo of the Gapan Philippine Stake was called to serve in the Philippines Cavite Mission. As part of his virtual MTC training, Elder Polo was asked by his teacher to teach lessons to family and friends. To the teacher’s surprise, Elder Polo and his two companions hadn’t waited for her instructions: they were already sharing the restored gospel with Elder Polo’s mother.

Elder Polo had been praying that his mother would take more interest in learning about the gospel while he was doing his virtual training. And when the opportunity arose, these new missionaries were ready.

“The lesson was great! We felt the Spirit, and I knew that my mother felt it, too,” Elder Polo said of his first official teaching appointment.

After the 19 days of Elder Polo’s virtual training were over, he and his mother continued to study Come, Follow Me together, and his mom chose to participate in other gospel-related activities like family home evening and Sunday worship. After Elder Polo saw his mother reading the Book of Mormon on her own with real intent, he knew she was really interested in learning more.

Elder Polo never expected that the first person he would teach on his mission would be his mother, but he is grateful that it happened. Now Elder Polo says he is inspired to develop the feelings of love he felt while teaching his mother for everyone he meets in the mission field.

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