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That Fateful Day When I Stood Before Jesus Christ to Be Judged


When it comes to judging others, how easy is it to judge harshly or without a full picture of what is happening in that person's life? Would we ever want someone to judge us like that?

JUDGMENT DAY. Tell me I’m not the only person who’s ever wondered the logistics of it all? Have you? The whole process is intriguing to me. While Jesus Christ is the Great and Eternal Judge of the quick and the dead, I wonder how much judging will actually be done by Him. What if all the judging has already been done by you?

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One night while thinking of this intriguing, perhaps frightful day, the following scene developed in my mind. I stood in a long line of heavenly spirits waiting in nervous anticipation as we approached the majestic gate of heaven. As each anxious person inched closer and closer to their judgment, they recognized the Savior standing brilliantly in radiant white.

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