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The 1950 US census data is coming soon. Here are some of the family mysteries people are hoping to solve

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In just a couple of months, the National Archives and Records Administration will be releasing the 1950 US census records on April 1, 2022. After it’s released, beginners and experts will all have access to search and review the treasure trove of data.

FamilySearch has said that after the release it will work with its partners to “provide a rich and immersive experience to help you find your own family members in these records."

On the FamilySearch blog, family history enthusiasts and hobbyists alike shared what they are most excited to discover in the index. Here are a few of their responses:

“For me it will be more information on my grandparents' generation. For example, I have a great-uncle who we didn't know very much about because he was adopted by relatives after his mother died, and his last name was changed. I am very curious about where he was living in 1950.”

—Margo Mead

“My family hopes to find information on ‘Big Edge’ Wojnarowski, a man of questionable repute in our hometown in the 1940’s. With the help of a friend in the local historical society in that area, we found some information about him, but the 1950 census might add more. ‘Big Edge’ is part of my husband’s family and his reputation was being part owner of an illegal gambling house. He did seemingly finally shape up, as he was a salesman at a reputable car dealership in the 60’s or 70’s.”

—Pam Redd Warren

“My father was orphaned in 1944. His grandmother left the area he lived in 1946. I'm hoping the 1950 census will give me a clue as to who raised him from age 10.”

—Carol J. Alexander

“I have spent the last couple days looking at my pedigree chart trying to decide how I will use the 1950 census. By 1950, my mom's siblings had all been moved to live with various aunts and uncles. I think I would first look to see where they all were and who exactly they were living with.”

—Linda Gray Dyches

“I personally am very excited for the 1950 census release. The 1940 records were very fun to index. I am hoping to find more definitive information about my mother's maternal family. They tended to be … a bit eccentric. My grandmother’s age was progressively younger with each census. Her family actually had one of her siblings declared dead because she moved out of the family home. Turns out she was living less than a mile away. I want to find her.”

—Candy Estrada

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