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The 5 Best Websites for Free LDS Sheet Music

Have a musical number coming up or looking for something new for your ward choir to sing? Look no further!

Music is a key part of Latter-day Saint worship services. Whether it's Sacrament meeting, a baptism, or a devotional, wherever Mormons gather, music will be found. With just over 300 hymns in the English hymnbook, sometimes members can feel hard-pressed to find a new or appropriate song for a choir or a special musical number without spending some money. There are, however, some great free sites tailored especially for your ward music needs! Check out the list below for the top five sites for free LDS sheet music.

1. is a good place to start your search. Under the "collections" heading in the music section of the website, members can find everything from American Sign Language hymns to instrumental and choir music, to miscellaneous pieces submitted from various sources.


Managed by a couple in Provo, this site is a great central place to find choir music, piano, etc. in one location. It's also a great place to find pieces from emerging or less-known artists!

Search options include type of musical number (choir, solo, hymn arrangement, instrumental), topic, or composer.


One of the most well-known sites to LDS choir directors, the Sally DeFord Music website allows an unlimited number of copies for non-commercial use.

Search options include alphabetical, topical, and type. MP3 files are also available for many songs and there is even a translation section with a limited number of songs in different languages.


This site is easy to navigate and conveniently sorts by topic, type of musical number, and occasion. If you're looking for a place to find lesser-known songs, including some that have won LDS Church Music Awards, this is a good resource for you!

MP3 versions of each song are also available along with a difficulty level rating.


Music-seekers on this site will find an extensive library of music, categorized by age/organization, topic, album or price. The majority of songs have free sheet music, but there are some that must be purchased for a dollar or two. Double check the notification at the bottom of the song's page before you decide on the perfect song!

*All songs on this site do have a free MP3 download regardless of sheet music price, and MP3s can be listened to and sheet music previewed before you download them.

Other Options

While there are hundreds of songs available through the sites above, if you still can't find what you're looking for, there are a couple other great options where you may need to put just a dollar or two on your credit card: 


Search over 900 selections of hymn arrangements, holiday music, and varying difficulty levels. There are many free options, especially for choirs, but be prepared to pay a dollar or two for some of them.

Find many songs from your favorite LDS artists. Search by price, rating, or artist.

The music's only legal if you have the green label! Order a master copy of the music and then as many green labels as you'll need for any copies you'll need to make. Click on "Shop for Music" in the left hand navigator, and then click on a category, including women and men, hymn arrangements, new music, and other topics.


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