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The Adorable, Surprisingly Profound Message Sister Nelson Received from an 8-Year-Old


Recently, Sister Nelson met with women Church leaders in the Philippines while touring the area with President Nelson. Over 1300 sisters attended these special women Church meetings.

During her travels among the Church members in the Philippines, Sister Nelson shared three examples of the faithfulness and devotion of the wonderful women she met. Here is just one of those stories:

“An eight-year-old girl demonstrated her courage as she rushed up to me at the end of one of the sisters’ meetings and said, ‘My mom needs to meet with you.’

"She then drew on paper quietly while four of the other sisters and I met with her mother, who had grave concerns about her life and requested our counsel. At the end of our meeting with her mother, the little daughter handed me the paper on which she had been so diligently writing. …

"She had carefully written, ‘When we keep the commandments we receive many blessings. When we do not, we don’t receive many blessings.’ Here was a daughter of the covenant already in action at age eight!”

Lead image from LDS Church News.
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