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The Beautiful Reason Elder Hales Always Wore the Same Tie for General Conference (One That Will Make You Love Him Even More)


For years now, people have been pointing out the fact that Elder Robert D. Hales wore the same tie every time he spoke in general conference. Recently, Elder Neil L. Andersen shared the heartwarming story behind this tie on Facebook:

I love Robert D Hales. As we laid him to rest yesterday, much was said about his incredible life—as an athlete, jet fighter pilot, businessman, husband and father, and, more importantly, as a special witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps nothing defines discipleship more than a man (or woman) showing kindness to a stranger and, even more so, to a child. In my many years with Elder Hales, I saw him reach out and lift up so very many. This story of his “tie buddy” shows a seven-year friendship with a child (while Elder Hales fought for his own survival) that would never be known widely, except for my publishing it here.
In April 2010, when Elder Robert D. Hales stood to speak in general conference, five-year-old Jason, watching from his Baltimore, Maryland, home, jumped up with excitement. The tie Elder Hales was wearing was a perfect match with a tie he had in his closet. He ran to his closet, had his mother quickly help him tie it, and posed for a picture with Elder Hales on the television. 0000017b-176b-da2f-a1fb-976f33290000
Six months later, Jason waited patiently, with his same tie in place, for Elder Hales’s name to be called in general conference. To his delight, Elder Hales appeared again with the same black tie with white polka dots.
In April 2011, Elder Hales did not speak, so to cheer him up, Jason wrote him and shared his photos of the two of them wearing similar ties. This began a friendship with Elder Hales designating them as “tie buddies.”
By the October conference in 2011, the determination of the tie to wear for his general conference talk was set. He wrote Jason: “I wore that tie just for you. It is fun to have a tie buddy.” This began a string of letters consistently shared after each general conference, each were signed, “Your tie buddy, Elder Robert D. Hales.” 0000017b-176b-da2f-a1fb-976f345c0000
As Jason grew, Elder Hales spoke to him not only of the ties but also of preparing for baptism and later for the priesthood, the temple, and “faithful service to your Lord and Savior.” In October 2013, Elder Hales used Jason in his conference talk teaching the importance of putting on “the whole armor of God.” He often included his trademark phrase: “Return with Honor.” 0000017b-176b-da2f-a1fb-976f365e0000
Also in 2013, Jason was finally able to meet Elder Hales face-to-face. This solidified the friendship—and Elder Hales’ decision to wear his black tie with white polka dots for all future talks in general conference.
As a most generous gift to a friend, Elder Hales declared his black tie with white polka dots would be given to Jason once his final talk had been given in general conference, telling Jason that he would expect him to wear the tie when he speaks in sacrament meeting before he leaves on his mission in 2023. 0000017b-176b-da2f-a1fb-976f38590000
On Thursday evening, as Kathy and I and the General Authorities lined up to express our condolences to Sister Mary Hales, she too was thinking of others. She asked, “Elder Andersen, I have a box at home holding a very special tie. Could you help me get it to Jason?”

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