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The Church just created a one-stop information page for prospective missionaries. Here’s what it includes

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From teaching missionaries to service missionaries, Latter-day Saints around the world are answering President Russell M. Nelson’s call to participate in the gathering of Israel. In fact, the number of missionaries serving has increased significantly this past year, and it’s estimated that more than 72,000 missionaries will be serving by the end of 2023.

But members who are considering a mission often have many questions about what to expect, where to start their preparation, or what the application process entails. To help, the Church has created a brand new Serve a Mission landing page for prospective missionaries of all ages to learn about what types of missionary service the Church offers, find answers to their questions, and start the process of preparing for a mission.

The new landing page includes:

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Parents and Church leaders may find the resources on the new Serve a Mission landing page helpful in answering questions for young prospective missionaries. For Latter-day Saints not currently serving a full-time service or teaching mission, the new site also includes valuable information and resources for sharing the gospel as a Church member.

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