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The Church’s homepage has a sleek new navigation menu


If you’re a frequent visitor to, you may have noticed a recent change in the navigation menu.

The homepage navigation menu now has four headings with the following subheadings:

  • Libraries
    • • Scriptures
    • • Gospel Library
    • • Gospel Media
    • • Music Library
  • Serve
    • • Callings
    • • Volunteer and Serve
    • • Temples
    • • Family History
  • Living Life
    • • Inspiration
    • • Life Help
  • About Us
    • • Beliefs
    • • Worship with Us
    • • News
    • • About Us

According to Church News, the changes have been made based on feedback from website visitors. Prior to the change, the website had 98 links in the main navigation. With the new change, when a user wants to find study content such as scriptures, general conference talks, or Come, Follow Me manuals, a user can go to a single access point through the Gospel Library online.

“This change allows you to stay in a focused environment that is optimized for a study experience,” said Lyman Kirkland, director of channels. “Due to the consolidation of study material on the website, we felt a simplified navigation was needed.”

In the coming weeks, the new and simplified menu will be launched in 10 languages.

Read more at Church News

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