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‘Friend’ magazine addresses consent and provides easy-to-teach lesson for families

The Friend magazine from the Church is often a great learning resource for children, and the August 2022 issue has an important lessons for families to discuss together.

In a post shared on Facebook, the Friend magazine asked, “How do you teach the concept of consent to your children? That ‘no’ means ‘no,’ that our bodies are sacred and private, and that a child’s comfort and discomfort are important?”

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The article found in this month’s issue is based on a true story and follows two siblings Max and Lizzie as they begin building a blanket fort together.

When the construction project turns into a fight with unwanted poking and tickling, Mom helps Max and Lizzie set up a new family rule together: “When someone doesn’t want to be touched and says ‘stop,’ we stop right away. … Even if it’s me or Dad or Lizzie or a friend—stop means stop. And if they don’t listen and touch you anyway, you can tell me or Dad right away.”

This simple story is a great way to start having an important conversation with family members of all ages—the concept of consent.

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