The Funniest Tweets from April 2019 General Conference


This general conference weekend was overflowing withinspiring messages and Church updates, but more than that it was a weekend of spiritual and emotional highs. We laughed, we cried, and our souls were filled to the brim. To keep the fun of conference alive, here are some of the best tweets from the 2019 April general conference.

Elder Gong: "Do you ever have trouble falling asleep?" Me during every Sunday afternoon #GeneralConference session ever: — Arianna Rees (@AriWRees) April 7, 2019
Elder Holland: "Stop being late." Me: #GeneralConference — Madeline Marie (@oymadelinemarie) April 6, 2019
Hearing #presOaks deep voice, knowing that #GeneralConference is ready to start. #genconf — Third Hour (@thirdhour_) April 6, 2019
16 million members of the church putting @netflix users to shame during #ldsconf weekend. Binge watching like a boss! 😂😂😂 — LDS_SMILE (@ldssmile) April 6, 2019
Final #GeneralConference predictions that I’m confident about: - members of the First Presidency and Q12 will speak - we will each get our own spiritual insights - some talks will me more forgettable than others - people will fan boy/girl over Elders Holland and Uchtdorf — Ross (@ldsbishop) April 6, 2019
Women everywhere hearing that @NelsonRussellM told the brethren to not choose tv/sports/social media over their families. — The LDS Tool (@TheLDSTool) April 7, 2019
Sometimes I think President Eyring overestimates my righteousness & knowledge. Pres Eyring: You remember the verse Me: ... 😬#GeneralConference #PresidentEyring — Tim Maxwell (@TDudeMaxwell) April 6, 2019
My wife: "Do you think we'll look as good as Elder @UchtdorfDF when we are his age. Me: "I don't even look that good now, let alone when I'm his age" 🤣🤣🤣 #generalconference — LDS_SMILE (@ldssmile) April 6, 2019
Look what I can see from my hospital room.#GeneralConference — Scott Knudson (@ScottTheAmazing) April 6, 2019
Can anybody guess what my contribution was :) — matthew frederickson (@itsmattfred) April 6, 2019
Every RM hoping their mission president gets called as a General Authority #GeneralConference — LDS_SMILE (@ldssmile) April 6, 2019
When those Conference announcements hit us #GeneralConference — Latter-day Likes (@LatterdayLikes) April 6, 2019
In the first sentence of his talk Elder Uchtdorf has already mentioned airplanes and Paul. — BCC (@ByCommonConsent) April 6, 2019
Everyone change your twitter name to your general conference name by including your middle initial for +10 understanding and +15 personal revelation — Evan J. Worthen (@harambevan) April 6, 2019
Really enjoyed Season 189: Episode 4 of General Conference :) — Latter-day Likes (@LatterdayLikes) April 7, 2019
I really wish the Jazz could also gather Zion. #GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) April 7, 2019
it isn’t officially conference until the organist looks like he has three arms#generalconference — poetic kate (@poetickate) April 6, 2019
Quentin L Cook’s name was Quentin even when he was a small child. Think about that. — Textures of Mormonism (@Txtofmormonism) April 7, 2019
Who else thinks President Nelson’s voice is soothing? My wife sure does! @NelsonRussellM @LDSLivingMag @ldssmile @MyLDSDaily #GeneralConcerence — Called to Share (@MormonLight) April 7, 2019
GETTIN READY FOR THOSE TEMPLE ANNOUNCEMENTS LIKE #soexcited #GeneralConference — Third Hour (@thirdhour_) April 7, 2019
Elder Oaks' prepping for those names (actual footage):#GeneralConference — Madeline Marie (@oymadelinemarie) April 6, 2019
My MIL called yesterday afternoon and asked me to make this meme. 😂 #GeneralConference — Elise Egbert (@elisecreates) April 7, 2019
Saturday morning session me: 😃 Sunday afternoon session me: 😴#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) April 7, 2019
When your parents aren’t around to make you a big #GeneralConference breakfast — anne (@Anne_K96) April 7, 2019
People who were confident about certain rumors right about now #GeneralConference — Latter-day Likes (@LatterdayLikes) April 7, 2019
@LatterdayLikes How was the choir at the #PriesthoodSession? #GeneralConf #generalconference — Jonathan Strange (@jstrange) April 7, 2019
How did we never notice these candy bowls before...are they new? Mints? Easter candy? We're here for it. #GeneralConference — LDS Daily (@MyLDSDaily) April 6, 2019
New temples! New Temple Square! 🥳🥳🥳 Members trying not to outburst:#GeneralConference — The Relevant Questions (@RelevantQuest) April 7, 2019
When you realize it's the last session of #GeneralConference for the next six months... — Third Hour (@thirdhour_) April 7, 2019


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