The Funniest Tweets from General Conference Weekend


We've enjoyed a marvelous general conference weekend with many uplifting messages and exciting adjustments. In order to carry the joy and memories of this weekend into our lives moving forward, here's a look at the best Twitter reactions from the October 2019 general conference.

I sustain the prophet. #GeneralConference — Benjamin Rich (@CougarBen) October 5, 2019
Less WiFi. More Nephi. #generalconference #eldervinson — The Brasílian Mormon (@heavenskeys) October 5, 2019
“Hey all the guys in the choir have the same tie! How often does that happen?!” - my 12 year old nephew 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 #GeneralConference — Kelli Sprunt (@KelliSprunt) October 5, 2019
Oh my gosh! I just realized I’ve been listening to last #GeneralConference 🤦‍♀️ on YouTube. I kept thinking, “wow they are talking about some of the same topics...” 😑 — Sonrisa (@sonrisatreasure) October 5, 2019
*closing prayer finishes * My son: “Is it halftime now?” 😂 #ldsconf #LDSConference — Jordan (@jorjorward) October 5, 2019
You got your faith on me! #GeneralConference #ElderRenlund — Third Hour (@thirdhour_) October 5, 2019
Don’t worry. Batman sustains the prophet. #GeneralConference — Andrew Devey (@adevey) October 5, 2019
"CONSTANCE VIGILANCE!" - Moody, but also Bednar.#GeneralConference#FromtheMouthof2Witnesses #MustbeTrue — Madeline Marie (@oymadelinemarie) October 5, 2019
Elder Bednar helping us out against the adversary.#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) October 5, 2019
Listening to Elder Alliaud talk, all that keeps running in my head is this classic meme... #generalconference #ldsconf — LDS_SMILE (@ldssmile) October 5, 2019
#Brotherpace: the goal is to not have church 2 hours a week but to have it 6 times a week Son: *pokes head out of blanket fort*.... What did he just say Me: we now have to go to church 6 times a week now Son: ☹️ Me: 🤣 Wife: no, no we don't #GeneralConference — Colby Stoker (@nambiguazu) October 5, 2019
#ElderCook to all YM Presidencies just now. #GeneralConference #Ldsconf — Hola Councilor (@RealNatMartinez) October 5, 2019
Me, a current YM President, right now: #GeneralConference — Michael Lyons (@lyonsmw) October 5, 2019
Me trying to follow Elder Cook’s talk as he outlined the new YW & YM program on the radio. I need someone to draw me a picture! #generalconference — Haylie (@HaylieBowler) October 5, 2019 — Stake Clerk, The (@TheStakeClerk) October 6, 2019
Elder Cook explaining the changes:#GeneralConference — Madeline Marie (@oymadelinemarie) October 5, 2019
How many times have you been released from your calling at #GeneralConference ? Husband: 3 — karah crosby (@karahcrosby) October 5, 2019
2017 church to the 2019 church:#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) October 5, 2019
“Beehive” “Miamaid” “Laurel”#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) October 6, 2019
The idols of church members before being thrown in a waterfall...@DaleGRenlund | #GeneralConference — LEGO Joseph Smith (@Mormonger) October 5, 2019
The priesthood is like a new car. Men need keys to start the engine, and women got a keyless entry, we just push the button and drive. People lose their keys all the time, but don't nobody lose the button 😊 #PresidentNelson #GeneralConference — Sistas in Zion (@SISTASinZION) October 6, 2019
Feels like it's been the 189th annual conference for about 189 years now. #GeneralConference #LDSConf — Scott Knudson (@ScottTheAmazing) October 6, 2019
trying to keep up with all the announcements like#GeneralConference #ldsconf — Lil Momster (@cynicotton) October 5, 2019
do you think a (living) apostle has ever been quoted in #GeneralConference and they don’t remember saying that — nearly headless nick (@nickykens) October 5, 2019
Me after the new announcements in #GeneralConference — Kami 🍒🍓 (@kami_denny) October 5, 2019
Oh, so Orem gets Trader Joe’s AND a Temple?!? #LDSconf #GeneralConference — jenny noonan dye (@formerlyphread) October 6, 2019
95 year old President Russell M. Nelson:#GeneralConference — Hank R. Smith (@hankrsmith) October 6, 2019
#LDSConf spoilers without context.@LatterdayLikes — 💀 spooky jess 💀 (@jessienoelle13) October 6, 2019
I’ve never seen my husband, brothers-in-law and father-in-law all perk up in unison during #GeneralConference like they did when Elder Uchtdorf started taking about The Hobbit — Kirsten Metcalf (@k_metcalf4) October 6, 2019
#GeneralConference #LDSConf — Reylo Waffles (@plantbasedheda) October 6, 2019
Fifteen years on the bishopric and I had just about memorised the temple recommend questions. Time to start again I guess. #GeneralConference — Ross (@ldsbishop) October 6, 2019
If 95-year-old President Nelson can approach life with this much vigor, I think I can make it through the week lol. — Liesl Wise 🍋 (@itsleezul) October 6, 2019

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