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The Incredible Prophecy a Mission President Made That Came True (+ Video)


Recently, Prepare to Serve shared a remarkable video of a returned missionary from the Portugal Lisbon Mission sharing the story of when a mission president pointed out the exact location where someone lived who needed to hear the gospel.

"I was at [a] zone conference . . . and our mission president walked over to the window . . .and he looked out and he said, 'Who are the Elders that are over this area?'" the returned missionary shares. "Me and my companion stood up and he says, 'Come here.' We went to the window and he pointed to this apartment building on the other side of the city and he said, 'There is somebody in that apartment building who wants to hear the gospel, and if you go there tonight, you’re going to meet them and they will be baptized within a month.'”

The returned missionary calls the moment intense, adding, "How could you not go?"

After the conference, the missionaries went straight to the area their mission president had pointed out. After knocking the entire apartment, the two worried maybe they had gotten the wrong building and started knocking the apartments surrounding it. Nothing. No success.

As it neared curfew and just as the companions were preparing to leave for home, the two walked back to the first apartment building and sat outside, wondering what to do.

"Then suddenly we saw this car pull up," the returned missionary continues. "A kid got out and started walking—he had been taking late classes and was getting home late from the university—and he was walking in and my companion, his name is Elder Goiani, . . . he just goes taking. . . . Goiani caught up with him, contacted him at the doorway . . . and he did agree to meet with us." The man's name was Miguel, and the missionary continues,  "We met him for the first lesson and I’ve never met anybody more prepared for baptism. . . . And a few weeks later, he was baptized. And he stayed a solid member and was amazing and we never would have found him if we had not listened to our mission president."

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