‘The Jets 2.0’ go viral: Second generation family band featured on Tamron Hall Show

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The pop band 13 Crowns has been called the next-generation sibling band. And rightfully so—they come from a long line of performers, and they have a family legacy to uphold.

The band is composed of seven siblings whose dad, Haini, hails from the Grammy-nominated Latter-day Saint family band, the Jets. Haini and his siblings had their musical heyday in the 1980s and 90s with hits like “Crush on You,“ “Rocket 2 U,” and “You Got It All.” These days, the Jets can be found performing at The Jets 80s and 90s Experience at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

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Last week, talk show host Tamron Hall brought Sarah, Haini, and seven of their kids from their hometown of Redlands, California, out to New York City to talk about their family and their performing careers. And Hall specifically wanted to talk about one viral video that the official 13 Crowns TikTok account shared back in December.

The video that went viral didn’t highlight 13 Crowns’ music, however. Instead, it featured their impressive mom, Sarah Wolfgramm, along with the dates and ages at which she was pregnant with each of her children: 14 kids in 21 years!

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Today the video has 20.8 million views on TikTok and more than 20,000 comments and shows Sarah hugging each of her children as they step into the frame. Some might say having a large family is part of their legacy, because Haini and the other members of the Jets grew up in a household of 17 children, and Sarah has eight brothers and sisters of her own.

Sarah, who is a singer and songwriter as well, told LDS Living, ”I love that I have a community of aunts and cousins and uncles, on both my husband’s side and my side, that are there for my kids. And we’ve given that to our own children because there are so many of them, as a support and as a huge community of love that you’re born into.”

The video also includes an angel emoji for child number 12. As Sarah told Tamron Hall on her show, that angel represents their daughter Sariah, who died of SIDS as a baby. Speaking of Sariah’s passing, Sarah said, “All of our kids have been such a gift. … But we said, we don’t want this to be the … period on our family. … So I got on my knees and I asked God, ‘If you give me the strength to do this again—because it’s scary. It’s scary to think that this could happen again—I’ll do it. I’ll take the leap of faith and I’ll trust you.’ … And He did. … And a year and a half later Lynnae was born.”

Sarah told LDS Living, “Surprisingly, [the story about Sariah] has garnished so much interest—both in the comments on TikTok and YouTube—People always want to ask about that. And that’s been a great opportunity for me to share about knowing where she is, that she is with our family, and we’ll get to be with her again some day. And even though she’s not here and even though we went through the pain of losing her, we know she’s always with us.”

Sarah also told Hall about where the group’s name “13 Crowns” came from. “The kids love the crowns,” she said. “The idea that we’re all royal, we’re all somebody special. We all come from somebody inside who wears a crown.”

The oldest seven Wolfgramm children, who make up 13 Crowns, were all present on the show, and Hall spoke to the younger Wolfgramm children, who were introduced and interviewed via Zoom. Hall also showed other clips from their TikTok account, like videos of their family’s 15-passenger van and their massive piles of shoes. And the Wolfgramm family left a marked impression on both the audience and the Tamron Hall Show crew.

“Afterward when we were backstage,” Sarah told LDS Living, “The whole crew … kept saying, ‘There’s just something so special about your family, there’s this feeling. What is that?!’ … And we know that’s the Spirit. It’s a feeling of peace and love and respect for each other. And we walked away from that segment feeling like we did our job. We let the Spirit be our guide in what the Lord wanted us to show the world. And that’s kind of our family mission: to share the light of Christ by just bringing joy to people and being who we are.”

You can watch the full video interview from the Tamron Hall Show in the player below.

You can also listen to a preview of 13 Crowns’ new EP, From the Beginning, in the player below.

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