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The Miraculous Priesthood Blessing that Immediately Healed an Ill Soldier


Roberta Blain, a member of the Huntsville Utah Stake, shares a miraculous story about the power of a priesthood blessing that occurred while she and her husband were serving as Military Relations senior missionaries in Atlanta, Georgia. 

One Sunday we noticed a soldier had missed meetings for several weeks. We decided to check for him at the infirmary. When we arrived there, a different LDS soldier rushed over to us and asked for a priesthood blessing. A non-member soldier also asked permission to join us in the room. After the blessing, the other non-member soldier, who had previously attended LDS services, said he was being sent to the hospital the next day and needed a blessing. After his blessing, the soldier slapped his hand to his chest, staggered over to another chair and sat down in a daze. We wished them well and left, thinking his unusual reaction was due to being seriously ill.

Lead image from Deseret News
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