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The One Essential Reason Viewing Pornography Is Wrong


With society choosing to view pornography as a harmless pastime, it's important to inform ourselves and our family about the truths behind pornography.

Despite the negative consequences of pornography—addiction, marital breakdown, sexual violence—it’s crucial to see pornography as wrong in and of itself because of the way it objectifies human beings, said the keynote speaker at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography conference March 11.

“Whenever we subordinate the goodness of a human being to whatever end we’re trying to obtain, that’s not good,” said Matt Fradd, director of Youth and Young Adult Outreach of Integrity Restored. Pornography “is very much like this. It treats people as two-dimensional objects to be consumed, without recognizing them as persons to be cherished.”

Speaking on “The Essential Reason Porn Is Wrong,” Fradd said, “A person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object of use. We were made by love to love and for love.”

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