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The power of context in the Book of Mormon video on faith in Jesus Christ


This week’s Book of Mormon video includes the iconic and powerful teachings in Alma 32 on faith as a seed. It’s such a good chapter full of doctrine and visuals on its own. But there is something about seeing this and the surrounding Alma chapters brought to life in video that has changed them for me. There are so many details about the context of these teachings that are recorded in scripture I forget as I read, and I am reminded of them as I watch the Book of Mormon videos. And some of those details actually make the doctrines even more relevant and relatable in my own life.

For example, in this video, it was neat to see all of the missionaries come back together. I was surprised as I watched Ammon and Alma the Younger and Amulek and the other sons of Mosiah along with Zeezrom, who had been converted by Alma and Amulek’s teachings, reunite as a group to try and bring the Zoramites back to the gospel. I had forgotten that Zeezrom was part of that group, and I was reminded that this particular group of friends had all been through significant changes of heart that had led them to the love and service they now performed by teaching the gospel.

I also love the way that these videos help me remember that the doctrines that I am reading are not just words that were written down by prophets for us to read today. They were first taught to groups of people that were just like us—some who are struggling to make ends meet, some who have forgotten that God is there no matter where or when we talk to Him, and some who have in one way or another become prideful and struggle to understand or have faith. Even Alma and his companions are like us—people who are sharing the gospel because they know by experience the joy that it can bring.

Another thing you might consider paying extra attention to in this video is the facial expressions of those who portray the missionaries. As I have watched the actors’ faces and how they choose to portray their character, it has caused me to reflect on what I know about each of these people from the scriptures, such as that they were astonished, sorrowful, etc. Those recorded emotions have become more striking to me as they have been visually represented, making the Book of Mormon characters more and more real and human, with deep and distinct personalities, fears, desires, and testimonies that I can relate to and learn from even better. Perhaps it can do the same for you. Watch the latest video below!

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Alma and Amulek Teach about Faith in Jesus Christ | Alma 31–34 | Book of Mormon

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