'The road ahead will always be bumpy': President Nelson talks in new Church News video about finding relief in service


In a Church News video released Thursday, President Russell M. Nelson revealed that the Church's efforts to aid in the COVID-19 pandemic has become the Church’s largest-ever humanitarian response, with a total of over 500 service projects.

The Church has spent millions of dollars on humanitarian projects in recent months. Most of that money is funded by donations from Latter-day Saints who voluntarily pay fast offerings or contribute to the Church’s humanitarian funds, both of which have increased during the coronavirus. Additionally, thousands of Relief Society sisters have participated in making more than 5.7 million surgical masks during ProjectProtect for caregivers.

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The Care of Others | COVID-19 is the Church's largest-ever humanitarian response

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Caring for one another and providing relief to others is valuable in more ways than one, said President Nelson.

“I’ve learned that these emotions of fear, isolation, and danger are best handled by immersing one’s self in the care of other people,” he said. “The road ahead will always be bumpy, but the destination will be serene and secure. So, fasten your seat belt, hang on through the bumps, and do what’s right, and your rewards will be eternal.”

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