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The Short Message About Trials from President Eyring You Need to Read Now


Everyone encounters trials during their lifetime. These trials can come through an unexpected loss of a loved one, a debilitating illness, financial troubles, and many other forms. 

However, there is a way we can receive help during these difficult, challenging times. In a recent Facebook post, President Eyring shared a short but impactful message about how we can benefit from trusting in the Lord and coming closer to Him during our trials. 

I promise you that the Lord will come to your aid in your trials if you seek and serve Him and that your soul will be polished in the process. I challenge you to put your trust in Him in all your adversities.

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time a line of truth comes to us, we get to choose what we will do about it," writes President Henry B. Eyring. "If we try hard to do what that truth requires of us, God will send more light and more truth. It will go on, line after line, as long as we choose to obey the truth."


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