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The Surprising Thing That Happened After a Woman Attacked Two Missionaries' Belief in Joseph Smith


Read this incredible story of how the Lord prepared one missionary to face a woman hostile to the Church and its leaders.

It was spring in Copenhagen and the city was beginning to blossom.  In perfect harmony with the season’s promise of hope and life renewed, the Copenhagen, Denmark temple was just weeks away from it’s dedication.

I woke up early one morning to begin my personal scripture study just as I had done every day for the last 9 months of my mission, but this morning was different. As I opened my scriptures to where I had left off the day before, a powerful impression entered my heart and mind, “I need you to strengthen your testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith.”

I must admit the feeling came with such force that it took me by surprise. Wait a second, I thought. I already had a testimony of Joseph Smith, and not only did I have one, but I didn’t see how it could possibly be any stronger. After all, wasn’t I a seasoned missionary by now?  Hadn’t I just spent the last year of my life teaching and testifying of the truthfulness of his words? And what about all those hours upon hours spent memorizing The First Vision in Danish and receiving my own witness each time I sat in a discussion and shared the boy Joseph’s experience? And that’s to say nothing of the love I developed for the Book of Mormon as I studied and prayed my way through its pages countless times. So, my argument seemed pretty good. I told Heavenly Father, “I already had one.”

And I did.

But the impression intensified and became increasingly more specific. 

Lead image from Meridian Magazine.
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