"The Transformation of This Space . . . Is Kind of Insane": Newly Remodeled Deseret Book Across from Temple Square Is Dedicated


As Temple Square begins a four-year-long renovation at the end of this year, across the street, the Deseret Book flagship store at City Creek Center has just finished a renovation of its own.

The store’s celebration of that renovation, a public grand reopening, came Tuesday — 11 days after the Temple Square announcement, and just over nine years since the flagship store opened in 2010. The store’s refurbishment expands the vision put forward by Sheri Dew, the executive vice president of Deseret Management Corporation and CEO of Deseret Book Company.

“We acknowledge the great work of (Deseret Book Company’s) founders and leaders and, as has already been mentioned, express special thanks to Sheri Dew for her vision and leadership that brought this flagship into existence,” said Keith McMullin, president and CEO of Deseret Management Corporation, the Deseret News' parent company, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday morning.

All images by Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Story by Lottie Peterson Johnson, Deseret News
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