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These illustrations are simple, but they may cause a profound shift in how you think of your resolutions

Come Unto Christ Facebook page

The Come Unto Christ Facebook page recently posted a series of images that might make you rethink your goals for this year.

The five illustrations depict sticky notes with familiar New Year resolutions written on them, but each note contains a scribbled revision that takes the idea to a much deeper level.

Facebook users posted comments about their goals for the coming year. Denise Kuhnlein wrote: “To focus on the good memories of my friends and family that I have passed and to enjoy those memories. To forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past and to trust that God has forgiven me no matter how bad those mistakes were.”

Dan Smith wrote: “Increase my ability to receive personal revelation through more focused personal study so I can ‘let God write my story.’”

Check out the images in the post below.

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