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This Book of Mormon Scripture Changed the Way I View Veils, Women, and the Temple


Anyone who wears a veil, whether it is a bride on her wedding day, a nun taking her vows, or an ancient queen at her coronation, often does so to outwardly signify an elevation in her status, sanctification, and power. Veils convey the idea that the object within the veil is precious, holy, and powerful.

The temple is seen as the holiest place on earth, the sacred house of the Lord. Patrons can receive revelation and inspiration there, and they can find a peaceful refuge amidst a chaotic world. However, it can sometimes be difficult to feel the inspiration of heaven when confronted with unfamiliar or confusing symbols. These beautiful and multifaceted symbols of the temple are perfect for deep, personal reflection inside the sacred walls of the temple, and so should be treated with reverence.

One symbol also found in scripture that might seem peculiar is the veil. Why do temples use veils? What can veils say about women, holiness, revelation, and the Gospel?

The more I have studied and pondered, the more I discovered how powerful the symbol of the veil really is.

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