‘This Is the Gospel’ podcast launches season four!


Fans of the award-winning storytelling podcast This Is the Gospel rejoice: season four is here!

“This season has some truly incredible stories that have taught me so much about what the gospel looks like in so many different lives,” This Is the Gospel producer Erika Free says. “We as producers and editors really feel guided to the stories we should share on the podcast, and those stories end up being exactly what we need as a community to bolster our faith, courage, hope, and feelings of connection. I can’t wait for everyone to join us for season four to hear stories around our themes of “Ward Family,” “No Coincidences,” and “Give and Take.”

This Is the Gospel is now a three-time winner of the LDS Publishing & Media Association’s award for Best Podcast Episode. Season four kicks off Monday, January 24, 2022, with a great new episode. Listen to “All Things New” which you can find in the player below or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

You can subscribe to the show and get notifications about all new episodes through Apple Podcasts, or you can visit ldsliving.com/titg to find all of the audio, show notes, and transcripts from past episodes! 

Want more? Here are three fan-favorite episodes from Season three to get you excited:

Julie, Whitney, and Brooke each have a story to tell about the struggle and surprises of a life lived in pursuit of discipleship, but they can’t tell their story without one another or the extraordinary life of Jonah, the little boy who brought them all together.

Finding the bridge between her Indigenous identity as a Cree woman and her love of the gospel feels out of reach for Jalynne until motherhood brings a surprising change in perspective; As a recent divorcée, Suzanne feels invisible to her ward until she takes matters into her own hands.

During a grueling, marathon recording of the concert film Lamb of God, cellist Nicole does what no musician working long hours ever wants to do. She asks composer and conductor Rob Gardner if they can record her difficult solo—again. In this song, called “Gethsemane,” Nicole’s cello represents the Savior. Rerecording pushes Nicole to her physical and emotional limits, but it is there that she not only finds the ability to depict Christ through the cello, but also learns about the Savior’s ability to heal the darkness in her life.

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And hey, while you are on the Apple Podcast app or on Bookshelf Plus, why not leave us a review? Because your review could help someone else discover how amazing this podcast is. But don’t take just our word for it, here are real-life reviews people have left us on iTunes.

I am striving to have the spirit more in my daily life. This is a great way to do that! The stories really touch my heart and I am grateful for the uplifting messages in such a negative world. —starcyl
I struggle with feeling God’s love. When I listen to this podcast I realize I have stories too. I’ve seen God’s hand in my life too! I’ve had inspiration, small miracles, tender mercies etc. It helps me to remember remember that the worth of souls is GREAT in the eyes of GOD. Thank you for this podcast!!!! It is pure joy to me! —domenthness
I love this storytelling podcast! The personal stories, told by the story tellers themselves, are faith promoting and often bring me to tears (in a good way). I have recommended this podcast many times and will continue to do so. Keep them coming! I can’t wait for more! —LTN Wendel

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