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Touching Mormon Channel Video Shows How LDS Mentors Benefit Refugees


After moving to a new country, Chantal and her family found just how valuable mentors can be. 

Chantal was born in Angola, Africa, during a time where her parents were trying to get away from the Congo War.

As time went on, Chantal, her siblings, and her mother relocated to the United States.

But Chantal and her family quickly experienced culture shock. 

"So I wasn't really educated on how America looked," Chantal says in the video. "It was a big change that I had to adapt to fast." 

But Chantal said she felt safer in America. And in her LDS Parleys Creek (Swahili) Branch, she was able to find mentors to help her and her family adjust to their new life in a new country.

"It's really amazing to have a mentor," she says in the video. "A lot of things that they do or say to you, you always remember, especially if they do it with so much love."

A lot of the things Chantal's family had never done before, like drive a car or bake a cake, her mentors were able to help her and her family learn to do.

Chantal even says she calls one of her mentors, Faith, her "Church mommy" because she connects so well with her and her family and Chantal says she feels like she can count on her whenever she needs her. 

Through mentors, Chantal and her family were able to gain a valuable network as they began their lives in a new country.

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“I Call Her My Church Mommy:" How Mentors Benefit Refugees

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