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Transform your general conference experience with Work + Wonder workbooks


The team at Work + Wonder has been producing beautiful general conference workbooks since April 2018 to help members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints transform their conference experience. Now in its 7th iteration, this fantastic conference prep resource will be available in Deseret Book stores and online at!

“General Conference is an opportunity to take a closer look at our hearts and homes—what tools and materials we’re using to build our foundations and a roof overhead. As we savor the messages and apply them in the following months, we’re putting to use a fresh set of materials to create a sanctuary of faith sure to withstand any storm.” –Rio Grange (founder of Work + Wonder)

Designed with you in mind, the Work + Wonder General Conference Workbook for April 2021 features a lay-flat format, pages for note-taking, and artwork by Amber Eldridge. This beautiful workbook was designed to help you prepare your hearts and homes for the timely messages of general conference and engage with the words of our leaders, so you can treasure them for years to come in a beautiful format!

Each workbook contains sections to record your thoughts and questions so you can ponder before, during, and after general conference. With pages for each speaker, you will be able to record meaningful impressions as you listen. Then at the conclusion of conference weekend, you'll be able to reflect on overall themes, recurring promptings, and set personal goals to act and improve. This workbook will become an essential tool and blessing to you as you capture the inspiration of general conference and welcome the teachings of our Church leaders into your daily life.

Also available is the Work + Wonder General Conference Workbook for Kids! Designed specifically with your littles in mind, these workbooks will keep them not only entertained during the messages but engaged with the words of prophets and apostles. With several gospel-themed activities and creative ways to keep them both busy and reverent, this workbook will be a blessing to you and your child while the whole family listens and follows the prophet together! The activities throughout this workbook are designed for children between the ages of 7 and 11, but several activities do not require reading and can appeal to younger ages.

We anticipate these beautiful workbooks will start shipping the week of February 23rd, giving you and your family ample time to prepare and get excited for this April's general conference. And for a limited time, purchase four or more Work + Wonder workbooks (adult or children's) in the same transaction and receive 15% off!

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