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Two ‘firsts’ coming for 2023 curriculum: What you need to know

Photo from Deseret News

This week, an official letter dated June 20, 2022, was released, outlining the Churchwide curriculum for next year.

The year 2023 will include a couple of firsts related to Church curriculum. It will be the first year that members will repeat the use of Come, Follow Me manuals: the manuals for Come, Follow Me for New Testament were first released in 2019 as the inaugural materials for the new curriculum program.

However, “the print and digital versions of the New Testament Come, Follow Me manuals have been updated with minor changes since their use in 2019,” according to the letter.

Another first for 2023 involves a change to the distribution of manuals to members. “Different from previous years, print copies of Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families will no longer be sent to units free of charge,” the letter states. In previous years, each unit automatically received one free manual for each family in the ward or branch.

Instead of receiving print copies, members are encouraged to use the digital versions available online and in the Gospel Library app.

However, ward and branch leaders can still use their budget to order print copies for members who want them, and all members are welcome to order their own print copies at

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