Two former ‘All In’ podcast guests are headed to Super Bowl LVII

Courtesy of Carlie Ellett

Britain Covey and Porter Ellett have at least three things in common: 1. They are both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 2. They are both former guests on the All In podcast. 3. They are both headed to the Super Bowl.

Britain Covey is a rookie returning punts for the Philadelphia Eagles and will face off against Porter Ellett’s Kansas City Chiefs. Ellett is the offensive quality control coach for the Chiefs.

Covey appeared on All In before ever being drafted into the NFL. In December 2021, he and his team at the University of Utah were headed to play in the Rose Bowl but he was gracious enough to make time to do an interview about his faith.

“I know a lot of times people have misconceptions about the Church and that’s one of my things that I’ve tried to do is break down those misconceptions and those barriers and say, ‘You can be so normal and fun and happy as a member of the Church, not this stingy person that a lot of times the world thinks. But also, you are so dedicated to what you believe in, not shy about it,’ and I think people are really attracted to that. And so I hope I’ve done a fine job of representing Christ or the Church. And, you know, I will my whole life,” Covey said at the time.

Covey has been the Eagles’ go-to punt returner this season. Off the field, he and his wife, Leah, are expecting their first child, a boy, in March.

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Porter Ellett isn’t seen on the field but, despite having just one arm, is every bit as much a part of the Kansas City Chiefs’ journey to the Super Bowl. While interviewing to work with fellow Latter-day Saint and Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid, Ellett said, “If you hire me, I’ll help you win a Super Bowl.” He delivered on that promise as he was with the team when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers in 2020. On February 12, he’ll have a chance at another ring.

Ellett and his wife, Carlie, who was also interviewed on All In, welcomed their third child into the world in December.

Speaking of Ellett, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, recently said on an NFL Films television show, “He understands not only the offensive side of the ball but the defensive side of the ball, and he knows and learns as much as he can. And I know one day he’s going to be a head coach in this league.”

In his All In interview, Ellett discussed what it has been like to work under Coach Andy Reid.

“As far as being a disciple of Christ, it's been great for me … to see how he lives the gospel and his life. And how he continuously studies it. You know, I used to go into his office early in the morning, and he would have the scriptures playing. And I could hear him listening to the Book of Mormon in his office. And then I sit right outside his office as his assistant. And he would turn on General Conference, because we’re obviously at work during the fall session of General Conference. And he would turn it on and then turn the volume up loud, and … people would come in his office and say, ‘[These are] the leaders of the Church, they’re talking.”

He added that Coach Reid’s goodness endears him to players.

“We have players on our team that do things just because they love Coach Reid. And you can ask them, you can say like, ‘Why are you doing this? Or why do you not do that?’ And they’ll answer honestly. And they’ll say, ‘Well, it’s because Coach Reid asked me to, you know,” and that’s the only reason.”

Time will tell which will prove victorious but for now, their podcast episodes provide strong reminders of why they are champions on and off the field.

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