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VidAngel Stops Streaming Services Amid Copyright Lawsuit, Promises Original Films in 2017


VidAngel has stopped its video streaming services amid an on-going copyright violations lawsuit.

The popular film-editing company founded by four LDS brothers is appealing a preliminary injunction requiring that VidAngel temporarily ceases streaming its services.

VidAngel asked for a stay of the preliminary injunction, allowing the company to stream movies in the meantime. 

However, on Thursday, a federal judge declined the Provo-based company's request for a stay of the injunction amid the lawsuit and VidAngel has since removed all movies from its service. 

VidAngel has also posted on its blog as to what its customers can expect in the coming weeks:

As you may have heard, a federal judge asked us to take down our movies. But don’t panic yet! Here’s what happens next.

  1. We’re asking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for a stay of the preliminary injunction. If we are successful, the movies will likely be back up within 2 weeks.
  2. We’re also appealing the preliminary injunction to the 9th Circuit. If that’s successful, the movies will likely be back up in a matter of months.
  3. If neither of those efforts is successful, remember that we have $10 million in the bank to continue this fight all the way to the Supreme Court. We are very optimistic that we will win the legal battle!

On Dec. 13, Daniel Harmon, one of the VidAngel founders, also shared a video on his Facebook page saying that the legal battle was far from over and that, "We have the funds to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court."
Harmon also says VidAngel has launched their independent film studio, VidAngel Studios, which will feature original family friendly content in 2017.

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